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The Benefits of Paperless Transactions

October 19, 2014

Author: David Bellamy, Chief Financial Officer, Alain Pinel Realtors
This article ran in the Aug 8th, 2014 Palo Alto Daily News publication Premier Homes, pg 10.

Photo Credit: Christian Schnettelker via Flikr.
Paperless transactions are becoming increasingly common in the real estate industry, and their advantages are many – making real estate agents more efficient, and ultimately benefiting their clients immensely.
Paperless transactions allow documents to be sent by an agent, and reviewed and signed by a client, any time of day, from anywhere in the world. Everything from contracts to disclosures to property reports are all able to be shared electronically, as well as signed digitally, making transactions faster, streamlined and more thorough.
In the competitive, swift-moving Bay Area real estate market, the need for efficient, fast transactions is paramount. With how common multiple offers and short transaction windows can be in our market, the ability to send, review, and sign documents electronically can put clients at a huge advantage. In fact, with many of our clients working in and around the technology industry in the Bay Area, it is frequently an expectation of buyers and sellers that their agent be able to conduct business via a digital rather than a paper-based process.
Additionally, with an influx of international buyers in the Bay Area, along with both buyers and sellers often travelling for work during a transaction, clients are often looking to do business in a more mobile way. In such cases, going paperless can help facilitate a more streamlined transaction, giving clients the ability to view and sign all forms wherever they are, even from their smart phone or tablet.
And of course, there is a significant environmental benefit, with this electronic shift removing the paper waste of a traditional transaction.
On the brokerage level, Alain Pinel Realtors has partnered with SkySlope, the industry leader in digital transaction management solutions. This tool gives APR agents access to completely paperless transaction processing. SkySlope allows agents to manage their transactions electronically, creates a platform for a more efficient review and feedback process between office managers and agents, and provides agents with a way to immediately share documents with their clients electronically. The tool also ensures that all necessary details have been taken care of from a contractual perspective, and that everything is in compliance with industry regulations.
When new tools such as this benefit clients, agents, brokerages, and the environment as a whole, it is hard to think of a downside. But going paperless still requires a shift in mentality from working with traditional hard copies of documents, and so, necessitates a different way of thinking among both clients and agents.
As a whole, while a period of adjustment is to be expected, the move to a more paperless world in real estate will help agents and clients on every level – from speed to mobility, the benefits are great.

About Author:

David Bellamy is the Chief Financial Officer at Alain Pinel Realtors where he oversees all accounting functions, budgeting processes, strategic planning, financial reporting, and human resources to support the organization. Prior to joining APR in 2007, Mr. Bellamy was in executive management with The Body Shop, most recently as its CFO, VP Finance, Real Estate & IT for the Americas Region.

APR in the News

SkySlope Forms Partnership with Largest Privately-Owned, Independent Brokerage in California

July 8, 2014

Transaction management software provider working with renowned Alain Pinel Realtors

APR SkySlope
SARATOGA, California (July 8, 2014) — SkySlope, the industry leader in digital transaction management solutions, has formed a partnership with Alain Pinel Realtors (APR), the largest privately owned and independent brokerage in California. The expansive partnership will grant APR’s approximate 1,400 agents access to SkySlope’s complete suite of cloud-based transaction management tools.
SkySlope offers a unique set of easy-to-use tools to assist agents, home buyers and sellers throughout a transaction. Through mobile apps, cloud access, task lists, paperless transaction and document processing, a 24/7 helpdesk, compliance review, digital signing and more – the platform brings step-by-step ease and convenience for agents and their clients.
APR, which primarily serves the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, has chosen to implement SkySlope’s solutions as it aligns with the firm’s mission. “We look forward to pairing our unique customer service culture with a cutting-edge platform to produce exceptional experiences for our clients,” says APR Executive Vice President Rainy Hake. “It is our belief that technology is only useful when it creates ease; this partnership allows our agents to create exactly that for our clients throughout the entire home buying and selling process.”
The family-owned brokerage changed what real estate offices looked like in 1990 when it opened its first office featuring computers on every desk. The implementation of SkySlope’s solution is another major step in reimagining more eco-friendly real estate offices of the future as it allows agents to work in more mobile, efficient and paperless ways. APR’s commitment to leveraging the most effective tools and technologies have helped it become the fifth largest residential brokerage in the United States.
By working with APR, Skyslope is adding yet another prominent client to its California portfolio. In a relatively short time, SkySlope has become the favorite digital transaction management provider for a number of renowned firms. The firm credits this to the fact agents quickly adopt their software and allows them to efficiently meet state compliance requirements through tools like text message tracking, email compliance and other digital footprints.
“I believe the reason SkySlope has been so successful with large brokerages is because we understand what they value most,” says Tyler Smith, Founder & CEO of SkySlope. “We have been developing our platform much longer than our competitors and we recognize that agent adoption and compliance are two of the highest priorities for both brokers and owners.”
SkySlope is the industry leading Digital Transaction Management software provider offering superior support to brokers across the United States. The network currently includes more than 1,000 brokerages and 100,000 subscribers, all leveraging the company’s full suite of solutions in the form of powerful mobile apps, cloud access, paperless transaction processing and other services. Created by a former top-producing agent, CEO Tyler Smith works to ensure that SkySlope sets and then exceeds the industry standard for paperless real estate offices.