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Connecting Clients and Technology

January 30, 2014

Author: Jolene Quinn, eBusiness Manager of Alain Pinel Realtors
As a sales associate, you need to be flexible and have a breadth of knowledge. In today’s market with limited inventory and tight credit standards, working with a buyer will most likely be a long-term process. Yes – you will be looking at homes with them, but you also need a way to stay engaged with them should nothing come to the market that fits their needs for any extended period of time.
In 2014, I suspect we’ll see many changes in the real estate industry – especially when it comes to technology in the home. You can use this as a benefit and use these developments as a reason to stay in touch with your clients.  No matter how much or how little technology a client is familiar with, show them that you’re the expert with all of today’s home advancements. With technology moving so fast, you won’t run out of material!
To stay on top of the latest developments, check out and Both are great resources for information on the latest technology in real estate and smart devices around the home. You can subscribe and get daily emails – plus it’s free.
How many of you attended or read about the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that took place in Las Vegas a few weeks ago? Some items I read about that were a hit at the show were wearable technology and smart devices around the home. Take a look at some of these examples:

  • Door knobs that’ll know when someone is at the door
  • Toothbrushes will tell people how clean their teeth are
  • Refrigerators that can text you a shopping list
  • Drones that can give aerial images of properties that aren’t too far away like helicopters
  • Bendable TV’s that enhance viewing
  • Curved glass phones – flexible so it fits your face and lies flat on a table
  • Self-healing glass surfaces (scratches magically disappear!)
  • Washing machines that you can run from your smartphone
  • Smart light bulbs that can save energy, slowly put you to sleep, and more
  • Health monitors that track eye strain, glucose, asthma etc.

These are just a few – and more are being developed every day. If you can name it, someone has or is creating a device to help monitor it, track it, watch it, park it, or even create it (like 3D printers)!
We already see Nest (great closing gifts!) and Floored starting to influence the home and real estate – we can only begin to scratch the surface of what’s next. Start telling your clients about them!
Remember, no matter what is going on in real estate and technology, establishing a long-term relationship is key. The most important things to your clients are honesty, integrity, knowledge and responsiveness to their needs. Building qualities still need to be at the forefront to building a good relationship.

About Author:

Jolene Quinn is the eBusiness Manager at Alain Pinel Realtors. She has almost 20 years in real estate and over 13 years working directly with internet leads. Prior to working with APR she managed the eBusiness department of a large real estate company that spanned 3 states. She was responsible for taking the department from ground level to one of the most successful eBusiness departments in the nation.