Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RssRSS, which means Really Simple Syndication is truly one of the great technical terms in use today.   Why ? Because the definition actually makes sense!

Really Simple Syndication is the means by which a website or blog can publish its content (syndicate the information) for use on another website or blog automatically.  Any site that displays the RSS logo has this feature and there are a variety of benefits including the fact that most search engines look for RSS feeds and give favorable ranking to the sites that syndicate their content. Another feature of RSS is that you can use a an RSS feed reader to subscribe to the the content published on a site.

Now let’s put this in practical terms:  The single property websites available at feature an RSS feed. The logo is at the bottom of each page.  Your clients can subscribe to your feed by clicking on the logo and pasting the URL into a feed reader.  Anytime you publish a new single property website from, it will appear in your client’s reader.  When they click on the newly information in the reader, they go directly to the property website.  What’s more, you get a big boost in your search engine optimization results by doing this.

As a test I took the RSS feed from APR Agent Annie DiResta and put it in a feed reader on my iGoogle homepage.  Voila!  Annie’s sites are now live on my home page.  Look for more news about RSS and how it can help you in future posts on this blog.  

High Resolution Pictures

Have you ever copied a picture from website and then used it in a print ad?  Do you lie awake nights wondering why some photos look blurry when printed? 

The reason for this is that images in print require more resolution (detail) than images on the web.  Digital images are made up of individual dots called pixels .  Printed images require more dots than images on the screen, and that’s why you can’t use a low resolution screen image for a high resolution print.

To make sure that your printed images and property photos are the highest quality possible, please use them in their original format from the camera.  Today’s digital cameras all take high resolution photos, described in megapixels.  Do not copy and paste web photos for your print ad submissions. A good rule of thumb is that the file size for your photo must be higher than 500Kb.  To check the file size on an image that is saved on your desktop, click the right-mouse button and select properties.

Following these simple guidelines will help make sure that print ads and property photos are the highest quality for their intended use.

Let it rain

The Active Rain website says it best: "We are a free online community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business."

I am a recent convert to social networking and online professional communities.  These sites offer free tools for quickly and easily establishing an online social network of clients, affiliates, friends and others.

These sites are one of the best ways to establish an online sphere of influence.  Be sure to also check out Linked In, another popular and useful site for social networking. 

Where Technology and Real Estate Connect

That’s the tag line for this week’s annual Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco, organized by Brad Inman of Inman News.  The three day conference has just finished and I’ll be sharing info about Connect in upcoming posts on this site. 

I also wanted to mention that two of the biggest themes from this weeks conference were about blogging and social networking. If you’re unfamiliar with either of these terms you can use the wikipedia to search for blog or social network .

Here are two free sites that are worth looking into: check out the ActiveRain Real Estate Network for real estate social networking and WordPress for blogging.

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