Local Community Info for Agent Websites

If you have noticed that the Community Info on your APR Agent Website is not specific to your area, please check to make sure that your address is included on the Agent Profile for your SAVI Account.

In order to display Local Community Info (Schools, PG&E, etc.) on APR Agent Websites, you must enter an address on your Agent Profile page.  The Community Info tools use the Profile address to determine where to center the search results for various types of Community Info. To edit the address info  for your SAVI profile: 

  • click My Profile
  • click List
  • select your Primary Priofile and click the Edit Tool (pencil icon)
  • Edit your Profile to include your APR office address info, incl. City and Zip Code

For help with this feature: contact missupport@apr.com

That’s it! You’re done…

SAVI Planned Maintenance this Saturday Night

SAVI will be undergoing planned hardware maintenance this Saturday night, beginning at 10PM.

A faulty circuit breaker on one of Baynet’s power distribution units has been the cause of several outages in the last month.To ensure this problem is eliminated, Baynet plans to install new PDUs in its rack on Saturday night. We plan to begin work around 9PM and expect temporary service outages to begin around 10PM and last no more than 2 hours (likely, the system will be up most of the time, with 10/15 minute outages occurring here and there as machines are power cycled)

We will also be improving hardware in some areas of our system to resolve identified and potential performance bottlenecks (RAM, etc.)

Malware / Virus Alert !

If you get an email titled CNN Alerts: Breaking
or other similar
malware/Trojan viruses that will infect your machine.  If you have opened this
email and clicked on the links in them, notify the APR Helpdesk or missupport@apr.com IMMEDIATELY
so we can take steps to prevent widespread network

Photoshop Express

Adobe has released an update to Photoshop Express, the free web-based version of Photoshop. Photoshop Express offers a basic set of tools for image enhancement and manipulation, including a photo resize tool.
Agents can use Photoshop Express to edit, crop, resize and enhance listing photos for use with online property marketing advertising. 

This is a great resouce for basic, digital photo editing tools.  It’s web-based so you can use it anywhere, and best of all, it’s FREE !

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