New Web Tools in SAVI

The SAVI Tools Menu now contains a powerful set of new features called Web Tools.   The SAVI Web Tools menu includes four web-based applications that are essential tools for better management of your online marketing efforts:

  1. Use the Website Competion menu to find the competitive ranking for various websites and brokers.  Enter and one or more competing broker sites to see results on how we stack up.  (Tip:  Use this information in listing presentations to demonstrate the strengths of the online brand when compared to other Bay Area brokers.
  2. Use the Website Demographics menu to find site demographics for and other websites.  (Tip: Comparing site demographics helps you learn more about the gender, age, income and ethnicity of people online.  Use this information to plan your marketing efforts).
  3. Use the Website Ranking menu to find site ranking (from for all websites on the internet.  Enter the names of and other websites to see how they rank.  (Tip: Lower numbers are better.) 
  4. Use the Google Insights for Search menu to see what people are searching on the internet, and when their search activity peaks.  (Tip:  Select a search term, date and region to find out when people are searching for real estate online and use this information to plan your online marketing activities.)

During the coming weeks we will be providing training and marketing materials on how to use these important new resources. In the meantime:  Try it; you'll like it.

Quick tips when purchasing a Notebook computer

1. Portability – The biggest reason when buying a Notebook Computer is portability. Having access to your computer when traveling or when you don’t always work in a central location can be key for most people.

2. Wireless Internet – When you purchase a new notebook computer, they come equipped with a wireless device built in. you no longer need a wireless adapter to utilize Wireless Access Points, or “Hot Spots”. Most cell phone companies offer an Air Card that allows you to use their network to connect to the internet wherever there is cell phone service. This may be valuable at a home that doesn’t have an access point, like open houses for example.

3. Expense – Most Computer brands have discount, refurbished or even outlet sites available ( They offer the same models that work just as well as full price laptops at a fraction of the cost. The best part about these machines is they usually come with a full warranty, and offer an extended warranty that will still keep the purchase at low cost. Prices range from the entry level Notebook, to the high performance specialty notebooks. Prices ranging between $600 – $1000 depending on memory and storage size, as well as any extras that are available during the purchase.

4. Speed/Memory – Intel Core 2 Duo is the most popular Processor when it comes to Notebook PC’s. The Core 2 Duo has plenty of power when running day to day programs such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Word. Ram (random access memory) may vary from 1 gig up to 4 gigs; ideally the more the machine is equipped with the better it will run under load. Hard Drive space can vary from 80 gigs up to 320 gigs, anything in between is more than enough for daily use.

Does it work?

Many of the Alain Pinel Realtors advertising campaigns feature our web address as "". Recently we have received a number of questions and problem reports about whether or not this simplified description of our URL will get you to the website.

The answer is YES, and here's why

The domain name will successfully "resolve" (that's the technical name for it) to our website, when it is used on a computer that is NOT on our network.  Try it from home, or a non-APR computer and you'll see what I mean.  This has been extensively tested, so if you type from an ordinary computer that is not in an APR office you should end up on our site.  If you don't, there's probably something wrong with the individual computer. 

Now here's the fine print for you techies in the audience:  If you have tested the URL from within an APR office, you have probably noticed that it DOES NOT work.  That is because you are inside of our network domain, and the domain name is not resolved in the same manner as when you are on the outside. There's plenty more info about this on the Wikipedia, which is linked to several parts of this posting above. 

So rest assured that all of those ads, print pieces and company banners have the correct web address. Consumers who type on their home computer will, in nearly all cases, end up on the website. 

Shared Network Drives

Did you know that every office server has a shared public folder that can be used by all Agents?  

APR fileservers are located in all offices, and provide two important capabilities:

1. The My Documents folder on each APR computer is actually located on the fileserver.  Your login profile makes this happen, and there are several benefits including regular, automated backups of the folder contents.  Additionally, this folder can be accessed from remote locations using the VPN tool to "join" the APR network.

2. In every office, there is also a shared network folder that is named aprservernameshared  This is a "public" folder that can be used to save files that you wish to share within your office. (Please note that in this example you should substitue the actual name of your office server where it says "aprservername".)

Follow these basic steps to access the shared folder in your office:

Click START and choose RUN

In the RUN box type servernameshared

If you are not sure of your office servername, email and we will be happy to assist you.

Digital Photography Classes

One of our approved photography vendors (Hands on Photography/Kyle Chesser) is going to begin offering a series of informative digital photography classes. Kyle’s work is top notch and includes local Architectural photography, Agent headshots and other subject matter. 

The first 3-hour class covering the basics of digital photography is coming up on Saturday, November 1st and will cost $150.

Agents can sign up directly with Kyle by calling him at 408.955.0555 or emailing him at

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