APR Ranked Eighth Among Nation’s Largest Real Estate Firms

(REAL Trends, Inc.- Denver)Alain Pinel Realtors (APR) was ranked the eighth largest real estate firm in the United States based on its sales volume in 2008 according to REAL Trends 500, a compilation of a nationwide study of leading residential real estate companies. The firm had a sales volume of $5.7 billion in 2008 ($1.1 million per transaction) and served 5,300+ clients through its 30 offices.

While APR is a regional company with offices only in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is the largest privately-owned and independent residential real estate firm in California and one of the top three in the country. Alain Pinel Realtors has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 firms in the United States. A locally owned family business, the firm was founded in 1990 by Paul Hulme, current Chairman and CEO, and is based in Saratoga, CA.

“This is a great compliment to the terrific people we have working with us here at Alain Pinel Realtors. 2008 was a very challenging year but our great group of people simply got the job done,” said Larry Knapp, President of Alain Pinel Realtors. “As a local company we are proud to be among the top firms in the nation.”

According to a recent research report produced by REAL Trends, the 500 largest residential real estate brokerage firms in the nation closed 1,891,368 home transactions with a value of over $560 billion during 2008. The transactions represent close to 30 percent of all new and resale transactions completed by brokers during the year, yet the REAL Trends 500 represented less than three-fifths of one percent of all brokerage firms.

The 2009 REAL Trends 500 represents the most comprehensive collection of data assembled on the leaders of the residential brokerage industry. Numbers are documented by outside accounting firms. Due to 58 ties, there are actually 558 companies listed in the top 500. REAL Trends, Inc. is a research, publishing and communication company located in Denver serving the information needs of the residential real estate industry.

Facebook Phishing Scam – Beware!

areps.atIt’s getting a bit repetitive, but scammers continue to exploit FacebookFacebook reviewsFacebook reviews with very formulaic phishing scams that more or less do the same thing.

Today’s is from a site called “Areps.at,” and like other scams before it (see FBAction.net, FBStarter.com, etc), it simply asks for you to input your Facebook username and password, with a design that looks similar to that of Facebook.

Don’t give this site your information. If you do, it will proceed to send all of your friends a message telling them to go to Areps.at, and hence, the scam will continue to spread like wildfire.

APR Introduces Blackberry Enterprise 4.1.6

You may not know it but we’ve recently upgraded our Blackberry Enterprise Server to a newer version with enhanced features. Most importantly the new version has enhanced attachment support. Here’s some of the key features you receive when getting your email through APR’s Blackberry Server.


You can now open the following attachment types on your Blackberry with no additional third party software:

*Microsoft Office Documents – DOC, XLS, PPT,RTF,DOT (Including Office 2007)

*WAV files

*PDF files

*ZIP files

*Various graphic files JPG, TIF, GIF,BMP,PNG

*HTM and HTML Hotlinks


With other “Smart Phones” including the iPhone if your phone is lost or stolen whomever ends up with it can access all of your personal data including emails, calendar, and contacts with a few publicly available software hacking programs!

Blackberry Enterprise Software has another feature that already exists that you may not know about. If you are a member of APR’s Blackberry Enterprise server and your phone is lost or stolen APR can protect your phone and you from identity theft. If this happens, notify APR IT immediately. We can lock the phone, change its password, prevent outbound phone calls, and even delete all personal data from the device if needed. This not only protects YOU, but protects YOUR CLIENTS’ personal information from being stolen and solicited or worse!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Lately I've been showing more and more people how to use keyboard shortcuts to get things done faster on their computer. Keyboard shortcuts can really help you work a
lot faster if you've got some memorized. Here's a "couple" that I always find really useful. I encourage everyone to try some of them out.

General folder/Windows Explorer shortcuts
For a selected object:

F2: Rename object
CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste
CTRL + P: Print
SHIFT+DELETE: Delete selection immediately, without moving the item to the Recycle Bin
ALT+ENTER: Open the properties for the selected object
Windows Key (Windows logo) + M: Minimize all open windows

Windows system key combinations

F1: Help
CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
ALT+F4: Quit program
SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently

Windows program key combinations ( Word, Excel, etc)

CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste
CTRL+Z: Undo
CTRL+B: Bold
CTRL+U: Underline
CTRL+I: Italic


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