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What's the most challenging part of the transaction process?

July 7, 2014
Agents Sound Off

David Gunderman & Andrew Raskopf
Oakland Hills – Montclair Village

Question: What is the most challenging part of the transaction process?
Answer: The most complicated part of the transaction process is managing people. Closing a real estate deal is about building consensus among sellers and buyers, as well as their representatives and advisers.
One of the greatest values a real estate professional can bring to a transaction is knowing when to be a diplomat or an advocate; knowing when to push, when to stand ground and when to back off. It is ultimately a people business, and people can be complicated, especially under financial and emotional stress. Managing emotions and expectations can be difficult, especially from an arm’s length when dealing with the clients of a cooperating agent. Emotions can get the best of people and their goals. Understanding human nature and knowing how and when to adapt, listen, debate, influence or appease is key.
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