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Update Your Skills in 2014!

January 2, 2014

Author: Diane Bravo, Director of Technical Training at Alain Pinel Realtors.
Is your New Year’s Resolution to improve your professional skills and brush-up on industry knowledge? Are you unsure quite how to go about accomplishing this daunting task? Not sure which training resource might best help you reach this goal? As a longtime trainer, this topic is on my dashboard all the time. The answer, unfortunately, is not so simple. What works best for some, doesn’t always work for others – people learn better from different styles. Below are five eLearning tools I’ve found to be most effective. Start using one today and find out which one maximizes the return on your time.
5 easy ways to update your skills online 2014:

  1. Grovo – Grovo is the leading online learning platform that trains users on Internet tools with 60-second personalized videos. The base video offerings are free, with advanced videos offered at a premium. The folks at Grovo are adding lessons at the rate of about 15 per day. What is even more impressive is they do it with down-to-earth style from communication ideas to management tips and more. Sign up and try it today – you can only win with this tool.
  2. Industry News and Newsletters  – No matter what your industry or niche, there is a source for you. These can be newsletters you sign up for with your email address, or groups you join on a social media site you are active on. For example for my real estate news, I follow Inman News – Real Estate Connect on LinkedIn. Not to be left behind in the Training Industry, I follow many groups including my newest addition – Instructional Design and eLearning Professionals Group. But here’s the catch, you have to read whatever newsletter or summary from any group you sign up for. And I get it – we are all overwhelmed and inundated with mail and messages these days and it is tempting to ignore eNewsletters. However, isn’t investing in your skills and staying on top of industry knowledge important? You owe it to yourself.
  3. – This is a little different from the freemium model at Grovo. Instead, Lynda is available in a monthly or annual subscription, but well worth the investment if you’re looking for a more in-depth training. With abundant topics including Microsoft and Google products to Project Management and web design, you can learn to use software right at your desk. It is an online virtual library and the expansive offerings are amazing.
  4. Your Network – Never underestimate the power of your network. With LinkedIn being one of the top social media sites today, it’s easy to keep track of where your contacts are working. When you see them, talk about it! It’s amazing what you can learn and take back to share at work, if you just ask your friends what they are doing in their industry.
  5. Attend a Seminar or Training Course – There are a lot of seminars out there – from free online webinars to all-day in-person trainings. If one comes recommended to you, is about a topic of interest, or has an engaging keynote speaker, it is often worth the investment. Sometimes companies will even help you attend these if you ask – especially if you are willing to share what you learn when you return.

Whatever method you choose, remember investing in yourself is important. Learning will ultimately lead to more opportunity and influence over your sphere. Do something today to improve your skill and lead to a better, more prosperous 2014.

About Author:

Diane Bravo brings 20 years of technical training and implementation experience to Alain Pinel Realtors. In her current capacity as Director of Technical Training, she is responsible for helping all APR agents improve their business through the use of real estate software. Before moving to APR, Ms. Bravo worked for Integrated Device Technology as Business Systems Analyst.

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    Judith Palmer
    January 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    I need to learn so many things. I am not good at excel,outlook and word. I need to learn how to use Linked
    and other social tools. Newsletters and blogs.

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