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Introducing: Facebook Timeline

December 15, 2011

As some of you may already know, Facebook has recently introduced a new type of profile called the Timeline.  The Timeline is a new profile that doesn’t just focus on your recent activity, but instead aims to make profiles a digital scrapbook of your life and activities on Facebook.  As of this morning, every individual user on Facebook has the option of previewing the “Timeline” profile.  Once you choose to get the Timeline, it will be published to your friends within 7 days.  For now, it is still optional whether or not to convert your profile; however, as with most Facebook changes, all users will eventually be converted to the new profile.
We’re currently working on a more detailed explanation of some of the changes and what they mean for you.  For now, if you’d like more information or would like to begin playing around with your Timeline, visit: Facebook also posted their own blog entry about the launch here:

Facebook changes are generally greeted with some resistance and this is no different; however, as someone who is currently using the timeline, there are a lot of neat features about the new profiles.  Please be patient and take the time to learn more about the new profiles – it’s a worthy investment.
*Note – these changes only apply to individual profiles – not business pages.  It is very likely that Facebook will eventually be rolling out Timelines for businesses in the future.

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