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New Web Tools in SAVI

April 30, 2009

The SAVI Tools Menu now contains a powerful set of new features called Web Tools.   The SAVI Web Tools menu includes four web-based applications that are essential tools for better management of your online marketing efforts:

  1. Use the Website Competion menu to find the competitive ranking for various websites and brokers.  Enter and one or more competing broker sites to see results on how we stack up.  (Tip:  Use this information in listing presentations to demonstrate the strengths of the online brand when compared to other Bay Area brokers.
  2. Use the Website Demographics menu to find site demographics for and other websites.  (Tip: Comparing site demographics helps you learn more about the gender, age, income and ethnicity of people online.  Use this information to plan your marketing efforts).
  3. Use the Website Ranking menu to find site ranking (from for all websites on the internet.  Enter the names of and other websites to see how they rank.  (Tip: Lower numbers are better.) 
  4. Use the Google Insights for Search menu to see what people are searching on the internet, and when their search activity peaks.  (Tip:  Select a search term, date and region to find out when people are searching for real estate online and use this information to plan your online marketing activities.)

During the coming weeks we will be providing training and marketing materials on how to use these important new resources. In the meantime:  Try it; you'll like it.

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