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MLS Membership & Estates Online

February 19, 2008

Recently several Agents have asked about how to use Estates OnLine for access to differnt MLS organizations throughout the Bay Area..  The ability to use a CMA program to access Agent listing information on a local MLS is based on Agent membership in the MLS as well as the local Data Usage Agreements for that MLS.

In other words: If you want to create a CMA using Agent listing information from a Bay Area MLS, you must currently be a member of that MLS.  Because of these contstraints, we cannot freely distribute CMA applications that grant access to non-MLS members. 

In the not too distant future, these rules may no longer exist.  Thanks to the hard fought efforts of APR company President Larry Knapp, efforts to create a single MLS for all of Northern California are well under way.  Details to follow in future postings to this site.

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