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Where Do Buyers and Sellers Find Agents?

March 18, 2014

According to data in the 2013 National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)’s annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, home buyers and sellers consistently report that they truly rely on referrals from friends and family to find an agent or they use an agent they have worked with before.
Take a look at these stats:

  • Fifty-four percent (54%) of buyers and sixty-four percent (64%) of sellers found their agent through a personal referral from neighbors, friends or relatives or they used an agent they had previously worked with.
  • The next closest way a buyer or seller found their agent was through an online website; however, this was merely nine percent (9%) of buyers and four percent (4%) of sellers.

With these statistics, it’s more clear than ever that an integral part of your business’s success relies on good relationship with your past clients. How are you staying in contact with your past clients to build your relationships with them? Here are some ways:

  • Connect on Social Networks. Are you connected with your past clients on social network? Did you just add them but never interact? Social media opens a wealth of opportunities to interact with your clients in ways that was previously impossible. Learn about their interests, connect on a different level, and at your convenience. Dropping a comment, sending a gift, or even “liking” something they post – keeps you on their radar.
  • Monthly Newsletter. Are you regularly sending out information that is beneficial for your past clients? Are you keeping them up-to-date about their community and market?
  • Drip-Email Marketing. Staying in contact and making yourself a resource is crucial. Putting together a strong homeowners drip email campaign can be useful and establish yourself as an expert.
  • Be personal-able. While newsletters, email campaigns, direct marketing does reach consumers – often your clients want more from you – especially if they’re going to refer you to their friends. When’s the last time you reached out on an individual-level? Do you ask them about their families? Do you remember their hobbies? Did the birthday card you sent them include more than a generic message? No one likes to feel like they’re getting cookie-cutter service – so prove to them you’re not.

There’s many ways to reach out to past clients, but there’s no denying how important it is! Finding new ways to connect will ensure your business continues to grow.

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Everything You Need to Know About New .REALTOR Web Domain

December 31, 2013

In 2011, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) applied with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to operate a NEW branded .REALTOR top level domain (TLD).
That means – instead of “.com’s” and “.net’s” and the like – soon hundreds of different domain names will be available – including .REALTOR.
The goal of .REALTOR is to create a universal name space where home buyers, sellers, and investors can go to find the most trusted real estate information – and ensure they are working with a REALTOR®.
Only members of NAR and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) can call themselves REALTORS®, and only REALTORS® will be able to use the .REALTOR domain in connection with their names and businesses.
NAR is encouraging brokers and their agents to sign-up by Friday, January 31st, 2014 to receive advance email notification for priority registration of your .REALTOR domain(s) one day before the general release, at
NAR will provide the first 500,000 members who register with a FREE one-year license for a .REALTOR domain.
To be eligible to participate and receive advance notification, you must sign up before January 31, 2014. NOTE: This opportunity is exclusively for domains that include the names of REALTORS® members. Information on registrations for offices and others will be provided at a later date.
Next Steps
Domains will also be made available to REALTORS® offices; state and local REALTOR® associations; association multiple listing services; affiliated institutes, societies and councils; and other NAR-approved licenses at a later date.
Final approval and launch of .REALTOR domain is anticipated in 2014.
To learn more, visit

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Staying in Front of Your Clients Online This Holiday Season

December 12, 2013

Author: Diane Bravo, Director of Technical Training at Alain Pinel Realtors.
Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors® surveys of buyers and sellers in 2011 that over 90% of real estate consumers never hear from their Realtor again after closing? Be different. Get more future business by keeping in touch!  The holidays are a perfect time for you to reach out to past, current and future clients in a natural way –and with online tools, it has never been easier.
Here are 5 easy was to get more exposure online this holiday season with the click of a button:

  1. Send a holiday card from your contact management tool.  Want to avoid the religious connotations of some of the season’s holidays?  Select a classy New Year greeting to ring in the New Year!
  2. Post a holiday tip on your favorite social networking site.  This can be anything from a decorating tip, to gift ideas, to recipes, to general entertaining ideas.  Just Google “holiday tips” and the possibilities are endless.
  3. Send a Facebook Gift. Facebook Gifts were launched late last year as a way to send gifts to celebrate the special moments millions of people share on Facebook each day.  It couldn’t be easier and can cost as little as a $5 for a Starbucks gift card. This is a thoughtful and easy way to really surprise your clients and connections in an unexpected way. And it’s simple for them – a message and redemption code is emailed directly to your friends.
  4. Share an online magazine or article. The Autumn 2013 Exquisite Living magazine is the perfect example of an online read to share. The magazine was designed for ease-of-use for the consumer to flip through luxury trends, market updates, community spotlights and some of Alain Pinel Realtors most impressive homes and estates.
  5. Sharing local holiday happenings in your area is another great way to touch base, while at the same time providing useful information. If you don’t already know some in your area – try checking out your local Chamber of Commerce, community events calendars and local news sources and papers. From holiday wine events, art exhibitions, parades and lightshows, to visits from Santa, who wouldn’t want to see a list of nearby events at a glance? In today’s fast paced environment, people seldom have the time to go out and look for things to do. Do it for them!

Whatever method you choose, remember keeping in touch ultimately lead to more sales. Do something today to cultivate more business and fill your pipeline for 2014.

About Author:

Diane Bravo brings 20 years of technical training and implementation experience to Alain Pinel Realtors. In her current capacity as Director of Technical Training, she is responsible for helping all APR agents improve their business through the use of real estate software. Before moving to APR, Ms. Bravo worked for Integrated Device Technology as Business Systems Analyst.

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The Code of Ethics and Your Professional Career

July 30, 2013

Author: Phil Weingrow, Vice President and Manager of Alain Pinel Realtors Oakland Hills – Montclair Village.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. Many believe that a document written 100 years ago couldn’t be very relevant in today’s new electronic world of “listed today, sold tomorrow real estate.” Here’s why they’re wrong:

  • Have you been put in the situation where a client who was afraid of losing out has asked you to write an offer on two different properties at the same time? 
  • Have you been encouraged to suggest to a seller that she sell her home off market so that you can double end a sale? 
  • Do you know agents who have often taken a listing that was tens of thousands of dollars overpriced just to beat out the competition? 
  • Has a seller ever contacted you, while having her home listed with another brokerage, asking you if you would talk with her about listing her home?

Do you know all of these except the last one are violations of the Code of Ethics? And the last one is only not a violation because the seller contacted you!  These examples are all contemporary issues that come up in our current fast-paced market. They are ALL covered by the Code – if not by passages written 100 years ago – then by revisions added over the years. In other words, the Code of Ethics is a “living document” that can maintain certain ethical standards and permit us to “call out” those who do not. In today’s competitive market, the code may even be more important than ever as agents and clients are tempted to make unethical decisions in order to get a leg up.
When we talk about Article 1 of the Code and its requirement that we be a good fiduciary to our clients, we are insuring that their needs and protection are paramount. Think about how the consumer might react when they are trying to gauge your trustworthiness or professionalism and you emphasize that when representing them you are always mindful of your duty and responsibility to them as outlined in the Code of Ethics. How many of your competitors do this? How many of your clients know about the Code of Ethics?
This is a simple and much underutilized differentiator between professional, ethical Realtors® and others.
It is important to let the public know who we are and how we function. We hold ourselves to a higher standard that requires us to be at the forefront of what is going on in our industry. We are not here for a quick buck, but for our careers – this is what we have chosen to do and this is how we conduct our professional lives.

About Author:

Philip Weingrow currently serves as Vice President and Manager of Alain Pinel Realtors Oakland Hills – Montclair Village. He has been a licensed broker since 1983 when interest rates were 14% and listings were only printed in books. He has since learned the value of technology in real estate business and currently runs a “paperless” office.

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Jeff Barnett Asks What We Can Learn From YPNers

February 26, 2013

Jeff Barnett, Vice President and Regional Manager of Alain Pinel Realtors in Los Gatos, also serves the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) as the Liaison for Large Residential Firms Relations. In this capacity, he oversees a monthly NAR Power Broker Roundtable in RISMedia‘s magazine Real Estate. His latest focuses on the newest generation of real estate professionals and how they are shaping the future of the business  The Young Professionals Network, or YPN, launched by NAR’s REALTOR® Magazine in 2006 has been a driving force of this change. Here’s what a few of the leaders of this generation of real estate professionals had to say.
What’s important for people to understand is I look at Facebook and Twitter and other networking conduits for what they really are: a way to build relationships.” – Tamara Suminski
Social Media is the best way I’ve found to get myself out in front of people … Every day, I try to put my personality and my experience out there … I want people to see me online for who I am and what I know – including what I know about real estate. I’m just myself, and customers find me.” – Imran Poladi
I taught myself all the apps and the fun stuff, and now probably 50% of my business is done by cell phone. But you have to interact with clients and agents the way they prefer.” – Sarah Jacobson
I use a virtual assistant to confirm showings. My files and photos are in Dropbox. All of my contacts, offers, signatures, and communications are handled by phone or online unless someone else prefers it another way … This is just the way the business is going … one thing we all agree on is that service, professionalism and commitment come first no matter how you choose to do business.” – Erin Mendel
For the full article, visit “Building Real Estate Relationships in the New Generation: What the Rest of Us Learn from YPNers.