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Alain Pinel Realtors Hosts Luxury Consumer Summit

September 30, 2015

Top luxury experts and real estate professionals come together to discuss working successfully with today’s luxury consumer

Alf Luxury Event
Alain Pinel Realtors (APR) hosted The Luxury Consumer Summit last week, an event that educated real estate agents and managers on how to increase their business with the luxury consumer and effectively deliver outstanding customer service experiences that set them apart.
Held at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, real estate professionals from San Francisco, Marin, and beyond came together for an intimate luncheon that featured Alf Nucifora, the Chairman and Founder of The Luxury Marketing Council chapters in San Francisco and Las Vegas, as the keynote speaker, as well as two panels.
Nucifora spoke on the topic of today’s luxury consumer and what they are looking for in their customer experience.
In his presentation, Nucifora said, “Let’s look at the product. What do our affluent customers demand? The most important thing they want is the ‘experiential’ halo over the product or service. Every category you can think of, it has to be experience driven.”
The Luxury Consumer Experts Panel followed Nucifora’s presentation. Moderated by Rainy Hake, APR’s Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, panelists shared experience from industries outside real estate, offering a fresh perspective on how the luxury consumer can be approached.
Larry Altschul, Senior Vice President of Customer Development at MGM Resorts International, joined the event from Las Vegas and spoke on his experience working with “whales,” high net-worth gamblers, sharing several stories of his clients’ outrageous requests. Greg Minor, General Manager of Ferrari/Maserati of San Francisco, spoke specifically to the Bay Area marketplace in terms of who the luxury consumer is and how to capture their business. Sharon Osen, Chief Marketing Officer of Perricone MD, provided insights into what agents can be doing with the resources they have to find client information, organize it in a manageable way through a CRM tool, and put it to use in order to generate more business. David Friedman, President of Wealth-X, emphasized the crucial nature of compiling this information and how to use specific data to target groups of potential clients.
The second panel was moderated by Michi Olson, SGMS, APR’s Vice President of Global Business Development & Relocation, and was geared specifically to real estate. The panel consisted of top agents from all over the country, including Jeff Hyland from Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills, Pat Choi from Choi International in Honolulu, Brian Lewis of Halstead Properties in New York City, and Quetzal Grimm from APR Woodside. All the panelists echoed the theme of treating the luxury consumer like a real person rather than an exotic spectacle, being authentic and true to yourself in all that you do, and going above and beyond to make their wishes a reality.
“As a luxury brokerage, it is crucial to stay relevant and understand the needs of our affluent clients so that we are able to provide them with the exceptional customer service they have come to expect from Alain Pinel Realtors,” said Hake.

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12 Bay Area Pools on the Market Now

May 1, 2014

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes – different things appeal to different people. But as the Bay Area is reaching record temperatures as we enter May, I think most us can agree – it certainly would be nice to have a pool. We’ve taken a look at our current inventory and found our favorite Bay Area pools from homes that are currently on the market. It’s worth taking a look and perhaps a warm day dream.
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91 Isabella Avenue Atherton
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166 Olive Hill Drive Woodside
9548 Estates Drive in Gilroy
9548 Estates Drive Gilroy
499 Aguajito Road in Carmel
499 Aguajito Road Carmel
11640 Jessica Lane in Los Altos Hills
11640 Jessica Lane Los Altos Hills
19711 Canon Drive in Los Gatos
19711 Canon Drive Los Gatos
94 Laurel Grove in Ross
94 Laurel Grove Ross
117 Laurel Grove in Ross
117 Laurel Grove Ross
25 Macomber Road in Danville
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5239 Blackhawk Drive in Danville
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1632 Via Romero in Alamo
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Is Silicon Valley Redefining the Luxury Kitchen?

March 6, 2014

The successful Silicon Valley-ite wastes neither time nor energy. At least, that’s the conclusion some would draw after inspecting four of the strongest kitchen trends seen in today’s luxury Silicon Valley homes. From cutting-edge appliances that shave minutes (or hours) off of dinner party prep work to custom cabinetry designed to work with the cook’s own natural processes, many kitchens in this high-tech area are marvels in culinary efficiency. And though these kitchens of course retain the sumptuous comfort you’d expect in a top-quality luxury home, they do so in an entirely new way. Here are just a few of the trends transforming the traditional kitchen:
User-friendly cabinetry. In some top-quality Silicon Valley homes, even the cabinets are user-friendly. And why not, in an era when everything else in our lives is designed to maximize convenience? Silicon Valley homeowners have taken control of their kitchens by detailing to their cabinet designers the manner in which they cook: the steps they take, and the ingredients most commonly reached for. In turn, expert cabinet-makers use that data to create ergonomic and innovative custom cabinets that enable their clients to move swiftly and effortlessly through their meal preparations.

Cutting-edge appliances. It’s no secret that Silicon Valley luxury kitchens amass a great quantity of expensive wines. This being the case, it should come as no surprise to learn that a wine refrigerator comes standard in many, if not most, of the luxury homes in the area. By cooling and storing wine at the perfect prescribed temperature for the vintage, homeowners can ensure that even visiting dignitaries can enjoy each glass in its optimal conditions—even if they pop by unannounced. Combined with high-end speed ovens that cook quickly without sacrificing quality, Silicon Valley kitchens are among the most efficient in the nation.
Solar-powered skylights. Speaking of efficiency, consider the solar-powered skylight: now a fixture in many top Silicon Valley kitchens. This skylight doesn’t just let the sun in—it ushers in the day’s fresh air by opening and closing of its own accord, depending on weather. Self-charging and operated by sun energy only, it opens when it’s sunny, closes when it’s raining, and makes overhead kitchen lighting merely a once-in-a-while energy expenditure. All while delivering fresh air into the kitchen, waking up appetites and brightening up mornings.

Task lighting. But what if the sun isn’t shining at the exact moment you need to chop garlic? For such an activity, Silicon Valley luxury kitchens instead rely on task lighting: lighting that serves a specialized purpose. After all, why should a Valley-ite labor at chopping leeks in less than ideal light, when LED lighting under cabinets can illuminate the way to culinary greatness? And for small groups casually dining at the central island, drop pendant lighting provides an intimate feel that shines even after the sun has set. A device for every occasion—with no energy wasted. Pretty perfect for Silicon Valley, no?