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APR in the News

Jim Pojda of Alain Pinel Realtors Awarded “Mentor of the Year” by Buffini & Company

September 4, 2015

Local Director of Career Development Honored by Largest Real Estate Coaching Company

Jim Pojda, Regional Director of Career Development at Alain Pinel Realtors, was honored with Buffini & Company’s coveted 2015 “Mentor of the Year” award at their annual MasterMind Summit. Each year, the award honors one out of the 5,000+ Certified Mentors in the Buffini & Company Peak Producers Training Program for his or her high-level commitment to impacting and improving the lives of real estate agents. Buffini & Company is the largest real estate coaching and training company in North America.
“Agent success is the driving force that keeps me motivated each day and I’m grateful for all that they do to inspire me as I watch them develop and grow,” says Pojda, who has mentored over 100 agents through the Peak Producers program in the past four years. Peak Producers is a 16-week comprehensive business-coaching program to help agents prepare to be professional business owners and produce at a consistently high level.
“We believe one of the greatest things a person can do is to be a great role model and lift others up, helping them reach their full potential and create a truly great business,” says J’aime Nowak, Director of Corporate Development at Buffini & Company, “This is what Jim exemplifies and we are grateful for his tremendous advocacy and great service to his agents and our industry.”
As Regional Director of Career Development in the South Bay for APR, in addition to Pojda’s mentorship through the Peak Producers Program, he also coaches newly licensed agents through APR’s signature Master’s Success Program. Through the 1-year training program, Pojda has helped over 150 agents learn the skills to create successful businesses; totaling over 250 agents that he’s personally trained, coached and mentored between Peak Producers and the Master’s program since 2010.
“Jim has been a dedicated trainer, mentor, and inspiration to many of our agents and I’m not surprised to see his passion rewarded,” said Rainy Hake, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of APR. “We pride ourselves on providing superior training for our agents, and Jim has been an integral part of ensuring we have the highest caliber of agents with the tools necessary to provide exceptional service for our clients.”

APR in the News

APR's Jim Pojda Awarded QSC Platinum Status

May 31, 2012

Jim Pojda, Regional Director of Career Development & Real Estate Sales at Alain Pinel Realtors

Real estate professional, Jim Pojda of Alain Pinel Realtors (APR), Los Gatos, has received national recognition as Agent of the Month by Quality Service Certification, Inc. (QSC). Jim was selected for this honor from among QSC’s 22,000+ members.
Singled out because of his results from customer satisfaction surveys administered by Leading Research Corporation, Jim has attained an almost flawless record of consistently earning 100% client service satisfaction. He was granted the Quality Service Certified® Platinum status, representing the highest level of service achievement in the real estate industry. Earlier this year, Jim was recognized as one of the Best of the Business, an honor bestowed on the top 250 real estate service providers in North America.
Client feedback from the surveys becomes part of the agent’s credentials. An overall satisfaction rating is displayed on the consumer website where sellers and buyers have the ability to select a real estate professional based upon each agent’s validated record of service satisfaction.
“No professional achievement is as important as the delivery of exceptionally satisfying service, and the QSC status is the only recognition in the real estate industry based upon independently validated, measurable service quality and customer satisfaction results. 100% service satisfaction like Jim Pojda has achieved is just awesome,” says Larry D. Romito, President of QSC.