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Alain Pinel Realtors Delegation Attends Luxury Property Event in Beijing

June 17, 2015

Alain Pinel Realtors at LPS
Several agents from Alain Pinel Realtors (APR), including Michi Olson, APR Vice President, Global Business Development and Relocation, attended the LPS Property Showcase in Beijing. This is the third consecutive year APR has sponsored a booth at the invite-only luxury real estate event.
Held April 24-25, the expo welcomes over 5,000 Chinese luxury property buyers, high-end investors, VIPs and wealthy individuals. Now in its eighth year, the event at the Legendale Hotel features over 80 exhibitioners from over 20 countries and focuses on high-end properties. Sponsored by Maserati, Ferretti Group and Bank of East Asia, the event is considered Beijing’s leading luxury property showcase.
“If you are serious about attracting international buyers, you have to be there,” said Olson of the event. “It is a unique opportunity that allows APR agents to network and create meaningful relationships and connections in China.” Widely seen as the premier Bay Area brokerage at the conference, APR and Olson were selected to speak on the Bay Area real estate market and lifestyle at their educational sessions.
APR’s participation in the event is part of a comprehensive global marketing strategy that the company has implemented over the past year. As well as launching, the firm’s Chinese language website hosted in China, APR announced expanded advertising of their listings on international websites, image ads in international publications, relationships with service providers and financial institutions, and personalized international client assistance.
“As the Bay Area’s largest residential real estate brokerage, we aggressively seek out strategies that get the most exposure to our clients properties,” said Rainy Hake, APR’s Executive Vice President. “As international interest in investing in Bay Area real estate is at record levels, the LPS event is just one aspect of a multi-pronged approach in marketing our properties and our services to a global audience.”

APR in the News

APR Attends LPS Property Showcase in Beijing

June 20, 2014

Michi and Mark at LPS
SARATOGA, California (June 20, 2014) — Alain Pinel Realtors (APR) had a network of agents accompany Michi Olson, APR Vice President, Global Business Development and Relocation, to the LPS Property Showcase, held May 16-18 in Beijing. Olson spoke at the event, presenting on Bay Area lifestyle, the state of the local market, and living in the area.
This invitation-only expo welcomed an audience of Chinese luxury property buyers, high-end investors, and wealthy individuals. Now in its seventh year, the event held at the Legendale Hotel featured over 80 exhibitioners from over 20 countries and focused on international high-end properties, with 5,000 targeted visitors in attendance. Firmly established as Beijing’s leading luxury property show, the event allows Chinese luxury home owners to interact with well-known property developers from China and leading overseas luxury real estate professionals, like Alain Pinel Realtors.
APR’s participation in the conference coincides with the launch of their International Marketing Strategy last month, targeting the rapidly growing number of international real estate homebuyers investing in the San Francisco Bay Area. As well as launching, the firm’s Chinese language website, APR announced expanded international listing syndication, affiliate offices in China, image ads in international publications, relationships with service providers and financial institutions, and personalized international client assistance.
“The conference served as a unique opportunity for APR agents to network and build international relationships in China and with other global luxury real estate professionals,” said Olson. “The LPS conference is yet another example of how the business world is getting smaller.”
The experience gained from the event helps APR agents to better guide international buyers, as well as gain more exposure for their listings. According to Bob Brushwyler, APR Saratoga, the quality and interest of the contacts was of a higher caliber, and agents came away with more new contacts than from any past LPS conference.
Mark Wong and Daphne Chou, APR Saratoga, visited a well-established Beijing real estate brokerage firm which shares a similar philosophy as APR. The founder and CEO invited them to speak to all their agents and staff regarding the current housing market in the San Francisco Bay Area. They were invited back to Beijing next month to speak at a widely-publicized real estate and investment seminar.
“APR agents explored future partnership possibilities with other brokerage firms, wealth management companies, investment consultants, and individual entrepreneurs,” said Wong. “We gained first-hand experience about Chinese culture, business practices, and real estate opportunities, and also visited Central Government financial institutions to learn more about their monetary policies.”
According to the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.) Annual Housing Market Survey, the share of international buyers is growing in California, with 30% of international buyers coming from China. In a recent interview with Forbes, Wong said international investors look to buy in the US to diversify their portfolio. C.A.R.’s 2013 International Real Estate Consumer Survey shows 16% of international buyers as interested in investment/tax advantages in the US, and 38% of buyers intending to use their property as an investment or rental. With its weather, business opportunities, and public education system, the Silicon Valley is a natural target for these buyers.
Chinese clients look for brand-new, furnished single-family homes built with high-quality materials. Important home amenities among international buyers according to the international survey are designer kitchens, outdoor pools, and hot tubs.
According to the international survey, 69% of international buyers are bringing in all cash offers, have a median income of $260k, and are highly educated, with 82% being college educated. As this increase in investment buyers translates to an increase in rentals and fewer owner occupied homes, there is a transition in local neighborhoods, with communities becoming increasingly diversified.

APR in the News

Alain Pinel Realtors Launches Chinese Language Website in Partnership with International Marketer Caimeiju

May 7, 2014


Firm is largest in Northern California to provide comprehensive online listings targeting affluent Chinese 

SARATOGA, California (May 7, 2014) — Alain Pinel Realtors (APR), the largest Bay Area based residential real estate firm, today launched in a partnership with international luxury real estate marketing agency Caimeiju ( This is the first phase of APR’s global marketing strategy targeting the rapidly growing number of international real estate homebuyers investing in the San Francisco Bay Area., powered by the Caimeiju platform, features translated versions of the firm’s properties by professional Chinese writers, ensuring accurate translation. The company listings will easily index on Chinese local search engines such as Baidu, Sogou, Google China, Bing.CN and Yahoo Taiwan using the highest ranking Chinese keywords. In addition, thanks to Zillow’s recent partnership with the Chinese real estate portal Beijing Yisheng Leju Information Services Co., APR properties will also be found on the co-branded Zillow-Leju site this summer. APR properties and website will also be promoted via Caimeiju’s Chinese social media, real estate and video channels hosted on SouFun, YouKu and Weibo.
“This is an important step in our multifaceted strategy to engage with international investors,” said Rainy Hake, APR Executive Vice President. “Real estate is the overwhelming first choice when it comes to foreign investments, and the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley has seen record-breaking interest thanks to its prestigious schools, lifestyle and proximity to high tech companies. offers our clients targeted exposure of their properties to affluent individuals in China and conversely, it is an effective tool for Chinese investors to find their dream home/investment property in our region.”
“As a company we are very selective about the real estate companies we work with and are extremely honored to partner with APR to showcase beautiful homes in Northern California to Chinese investors,” said Caimeiju Founder Jeff Toth. “We feature some of the most expensive residences in the world, with more than 10 percent of them being priced above $10 million and many exceeding $20 million, each with translated descriptions that have been carefully crafted by professional credentialed linguists.”
APR’s international marketing tools also include:

  • International listing syndication – With properties appearing on hundreds of international websites, including Luxury Portfolio, Luxury Real Estate, Juwai, The Wall Street Journal and Country Life International
  • Affiliate offices in China – APR has several well-positioned affiliate offices in China, giving clients access to offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, with additional Caimeiju affiliates in Shanghai and Beijing.
  • Image ads in international publications – APR has developed targeted marketing campaigns running in international publications like Unique Homes China, Hurun, Wall Street Journal Asia and the Robb Report.
  • Trade shows and conference networking – Including the Luxury Properties Showcase (LPS) Conference in Beijing and the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AAREA) Global Luxury Summit in New York City.
  • Relationships with service providers and financial institutions – APR has partnerships with professional service providers and international financial institutions.
  • Personalized international assistance – APR coordinates buyer tours that cover everything from previewing upscale homes for sale and local schools, to banking, social security and DMV, among others.