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What are the pros and cons of earthquake insurance?

June 22, 2015
Agents Sound Off

Kristan Marie Lynch
San Francisco

Question: What are the pros and cons of earthquake insurance?
Answer: As a realtor specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area, the topic of earthquake insurance comes up often, especially with first time home buyers. As far as I know, I only have one client that has ever purchased earthquake insurance. Property owners complain that the cost of earthquake insurance is prohibitively expensive and include very high deductibles. However, should your home suffer substantial damage when the ‘big one’ hits and you have earthquake insurance, I doubt you’ll be complaining about those insurance premiums.
Every property has different risk factors depending on where the home is located, when it was built and how it was built. A homeowner would be well advised to weigh these factors and the associated costs before making a decision.
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