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Types of pest reports, and who should pay?

January 26, 2015
Agents Sound Off

Patricia Cox
Danville / Blackhawk

Question: Types of pest reports, and who should pay?
Answer: While there are situations in which there are concerns over other vermin, when we refer to pest control reports in real estate, we are typically referring to a structural pest control report, which identifies wood-destroying pests and organisms (fungus, wet/dry rot, termites, etc.).
These types of pests are very important to identify immediately, as it may impact other improvements to the home. With exterior painting, for example, you want to repair dry rot before painting takes place.
I recommend that my sellers get and pay for these reports before going to market. Buyers are more willing to purchase properties in “as is” condition with existing reports when they have third-party inspection reports. Eliminating surprises is crucial to keeping transactions together and protecting all parties.
Every buyer should make sure that a pest control inspection is one of the inspections performed when purchasing a home. Who pays for the report is negotiable and must be taken into account with the overall offer scenario and competition.
If the seller has already provided an inspection, or you are in a competitive bidding situation as a buyer, it is unlikely that the seller will be willing to pay for the pest control report.
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