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What should I look for in a REALTOR?

June 3, 2014
Agents Sound Off
Donna Goldman
Corte Madera – Central Marin

What should I look for in a REALTOR?
Answer: No two buyers or sellers are alike in their approach. Regardless, there are a number of essential expectations that should be considered before engaging an agent:
— A client should have a strong relationship with his or her agent – one that is based on timely, open and regular communication.
— A Realtor needs to be intuitive of a client’s needs, have strong local market knowledge to best advise and educate the buyer, and resources to help procure a pre-approved loan if needed.
— On the listing side, sellers should expect their Realtor to educate them on the latest market conditions, advise them on how to prepare the property to sell, oversee the preparation of the buyer’s package, and be hands-on in pre-marketing and on-going marketing of the property
— Finally, seek an agent who will have time for you and doesn’t have numerous buyers and sellers in your same price range.
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