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October 9, 2013

Author: Stephen Skinner, Vice President of Information Technology of Alain Pinel Realtors
As all top producing brokerages know, a huge share of online traffic these days is coming from mobile devices. Whether it is a young family looking at homes on their iPad while they watch TV or the on-the-go professional on their smart phone in front of a home – our clients have let us know that mobile is more important than ever. While we are constantly looking for solutions to provide the best experiences for our clients, responsive web design is undoubtedly a trend worth paying attention to.

Just what IS responsive web design?

The answer is really quite simple: responsive web design is a leading trend in web design intended to automatically provide an optimal viewing experience for any website on any device. With a focus on easy reading and a minimum of panning, zooming and scrolling, responsive web designs can be easily viewed on a watch, a phone, a tablet, a notebook or desktop computer.

Samsung Smart Watch

When mobile websites were first introduced a few years ago, site designs were often too large for the limited display size of smartphones and tablets. Because of this, early mobile websites required users to continually resize and reposition the webpage to fit on the screen. Responsive design automatically adjusts the size and layout of the website to match the size and the display of the device – eliminating the need for creating different websites for different platforms.

APR Responsive Design Agent Site

In this example, we see an APR Agent Website built with responsive design, as it might appear when viewed on a smartphone, with all of the layout, navigation and links automatically adjusted to fit on the smartphone screen. This creates a seamless experience for a client no matter what device they are on. Responsive design is one of several ongoing trends in web design that aim to make websites more useful on the wide variety of mobile and desktop devices that are now part of our daily life, at work and at play.

When it comes to our clients – there is no doubt we want to provide them the easiest, most enjoyable, and consistent experience no matter how their interacting with us online. Responsive web design is another tool helping to make that a reality.

About Author:

Stephen Skinner is Vice President of Information Technology at Alain Pinel Realtors and is responsible for overall technology strategy and implementation throughout the APR organization. Since becoming APRs VP of Information Technology in 2007, Skinner’s accomplishments have included the introduction of new consumer and agent tools such as advanced map-based property search and new agent websites.  

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