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DRE to Become BRE: What It Means for YOU.

April 29, 2013

Effective July 1, 2013, the California Department of Real Estate, or the DRE, will become the Bureau of Real Estate, or BRE, within the California Department of Consumer Affairs. This was part of a reorganization of several California government agencies, but the BRE will retain many of the same core functions.
While a date has been assigned for the change in name, the information regarding a switch from DRE to BRE numbers on “first contact” materials for REALTORS® has not been as specific. However, the DRE has stated that the will permit a transition period for this change, and they will be lenient on brokers and agents transferring their materials to the new nomenclature.
Here are some best practice tips until we know more:

  • If you’re ordering any “first contact” materials that will be used for months to come (and beyond July 1st), then you might be best served to use a BRE number rather than a DRE number. Example: business cards).
  • It is probably in your best interest to ready all websites, Facebook pages, blogs, and other social networks that include a DRE number to be switched over to a BRE number by July 1st.
  • Be on the lookout for any more specific details and deadlines around the transition as we get closer to July 1st. While they have said they’ll be lenient, there will eventually be a deadline for changing all your marketing materials to say “BRE.”


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