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5 Apps That Will Help You Right Now

October 31, 2012

We have all these device and yet most of us don’t get as much out of them as we could. Here’s 5 apps that you should check out now that can help make you more organized today – in your business and personal life:
1) Clear – With hundreds of to-do and list making apps our there, Clear rises above. It’s visually stunning and simplistic, sorting the tasks you add as a heat map based on their importance. You’re busy … this can help you out at home and on the job. Costs $1.99.
2) – With options on any platform and any device, is one of the most popular personal finance apps. It allows your to manage all your accounts from one central location. Manage your spending, budgets, and business expenses. Mint categorizes your transactions automatically and will make you look at your spending a new way. The app is safe and secure and supports almost all financial institutions. Free.
3) MiLog – If you’re a good Realtor®, chances are you’re on the road a lot – and often it’s business related. When it’s tax season, do you take the standard deduction? Or find yourself making random estimations? If so, you’re probably leaving money on the table – which none of us are fond of. This app automatically tracks your mileage through GPS. Break it down into individual trips or clients so you can better understand how you’re breaking up your miles.
4) Find My Phone / Where’s My DroidWe’ve all had that moment where we reach into our bag or our pocket and realize our phone is gone. It’s an awful feeling. These apps allow you to locate your phone using it’s GPS when you can’t find it. Think it got stolen? Find My Phone allows you to lock the phone, display a message on it, or completely wipe it clean. Why wouldn’t you have this installed?
5) Zite There’s a lot of news out there. There’s a lot of sources. With Zite, it gets to know you the more you use it. Select some topics and it scans the internet and aggregates the best and most interesting news stories for you. It’s visually appealing – like your own personal magazine. Stay on top of the topics and news you’re interested in. Free.
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