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Noe Valley Office Now Open

October 7, 2010

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new Noe Valley office, located at the corner of 24th Street and Vicksburg in downtown Noe Valley, and serving the vibrant high-end markets of Noe Valley, Eureka Valley, Bernal Heights, Portrero Hill, Buena Vista Terrace, Ashbury Heights, Clarendon Heights and Twin Peaks, along with Miraloma Park, Sherwood Forest, West Portal, Forest Hill, Balboa Terrace and St. Francis Wood.
The more than a dozen neighborhoods the new office serves represent the crème de la crème of the South Side of San Francisco. As our other San Francisco offices already represent many listings in these neighborhoods, the new Noe Valley office was a natural way to better serve buyers who are interested in this exciting location. Home values in this neighborhood are on par with those of Pacific Heights, with the average home value in Noe Valley in July 2010 at 1,017,900, only about $100,000 less than that of Pacific Heights, according to Zillow.
The office’s prominent location on the South Side of San Francisco in Noe Valley complements our other locations on the North Side of the city in the Marina, and the APR Investment Group on Union Street in Cow Hollow, who represented the majority of Apartment House Sales in San Francisco in the last year.
Approximately 20 agents will be working from this location, including Susan Ring, The Shagley Team, Jessica Branson, Lynette Guesti, and newest addition, the top producer for all of Prudential in San Francisco for many years, Sue Bowie.
For more information about the APR Noe Valley office call 415.746.1111 or, to meet the outstanding group of real estate professionals in this office, drop by for a tour.

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