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Social Networking 101

June 27, 2008

There’s a great article written by Real Estate coach Bernice Ross on Inman News today about Social Networking: I highly recommend that you become familiar with the web phenomena called Social Networking. Here’s a partial excerpt from the article to get you started:

(From Inman News)
“Social networking may soon overtake virtually every other source as being the most important strategy for lead generation. Have you incorporated this powerful tool into your business?

What is a social network? According to Wikipedia, social networks are online communities where people can explore interests or activities that they share with others. The key point is that social networks allow participants to interact through chat rooms, instant messaging, traditional e-mail, video, video e-mail, file sharing, blogging and discussion groups. Wikipedia identifies three primary types of social networking services:

1. Directories such as former classmates

2. Means to connect with friends (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube)

3. Recommendation systems linked to trust (LinkedIn)

For example, social networks are a great way to stay in contact with family and friends, as well as your clients. Many agents who have lost track of past clients and friends have found them through these networks. These sites also allow you to share pictures of your listings, videos, links to interesting articles, as well as important information for potential clients.

Granted, there are certain risks associated with being online. Whatever you post is there for posterity, even if you take it down. Identity thieves can check your work history. Nevertheless, the benefits of participating far outweigh the potential risks…”

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