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Blackberry Outage

February 12, 2008

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Bberry_2 Blackberry users may have noticed that on Monday February 11 2008, data service and email was interrupted for several hours.  Here’s an update from CNet regarding what actually happened:

"Monday’s widespread BlackBerry outage–the second major one in the past 12 months–left Research In Motion customers stranded and cut off from the rest of the world…The Internet’s equivalent of a snow day left reams of e-mail messages undelivered for about three hours Monday, according to RIM, which either still hasn’t figured out exactly what caused the problem, or isn’t willing to disclose the cause just yet.

Representatives for AT&T and Verizon told several media outlets Monday that from what they understood, all wireless carriers in North America that work with RIM were affected. The last time an outage of this magnitude occurred, in April, RIM blamed a database problem that snowballed when the backup "failover" process didn’t work as planned.

All e-mail messages sent to or from a BlackBerry in North America must at some point in their journey travel through RIM’s network operations center (NOC) in Canada. The company tried to use that to its advantage in its patent dispute with NTP, noting that since such a critical part of the service lies in Canada, RIM should be exempt from U.S. patent claims. That didn’t take."

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