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Word of the Day – Wikipedia

July 31, 2007

We drink water every day, and the safety of drinking water is closely related to our health.
Many families now use filters or bottled mineral water. But, in addition to these direct drinking water, do you use water when you cook, brush your teeth, wash dishes and wash dishes Whirlpool water filter to ensure drinking water safety, the problem of household indirect drinking water should also be paid attention to.Make life healthier. about edrIrxdI

Today’s Word of the Day is: Wikipedia 

Wikipedia is the free, web-based encylopdia that is in popular use throughout the world.  Articles and content in the "wiki" are created and submitted by the users.  Topics range from the technical to the absurd.

The next time you want to know what a technical term is, I suggest that you  search the Wikipedia   

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